Hard Ash Anti-Slip Italian Timber Look Outdoor Porcelain Tile 6635


Material: Porcelain
Finish: Anti Slip
Slip Rating: R11
Edge: Non Rectified
Size: 150x610mm
Application: External Floor, Balcony, Alfresco, Outdoor Living

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Must be installed with suitable adhesive.
This product is designed to resemble wood.
Colour and pattern variation is a characteristic of this product.
Installation Note: Laying longer tiles can be tricky.
All timber tiles have a slight bow due to their size and dimensions.
To avoid possible lipping issues, we recommend laying on no more than a 80/20 percent ratio i.e., on a 850mm long tile, the adjacent parallel tiles can begin up to 170mm from either end.
The manufacturer never recommends laying them in a true brick pattern.
All timber tiles must be grouted and cannot be butt joined (installed side by side without a gap).

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Weight 2.040816327 kg
Dimensions 150 × 610 mm
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  1. Gui (verified owner)

    Hi! What will be the best matching grout for this tile?

    • Sath Sithyra

      Hi Gui!

      I have personally just checked the grout color and the grout color Olive Pietra would be the best match.

      Thank you for the online inquiry!
      If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to contact the sales team on sales@tfo.com.au or contact the office(02) 8728 7800.

      Kind regards.

  2. Sadhana

    Anti Slip means what is the rating? I understand there is something like 10 being softest, and 12 or more is rougher on feet?
    Can this be installed indoors and in bathrooms?

    • Youry Kha

      Hi Sadhana! Anti-Slip is a classification of finish for a tile. The 10 and 12 rating you are talking about relate to a Slip Resistance Rating. Tiles can be put to the test to determine where they sit on the R scale. Starting from R9 up to R13.
      R rated tiles can be used indoors and in bathrooms, as there is no law not to use them. It’s all about personal preference and comfort.

      Thank you for your inquiry! If you have any further questions contact us at 028728 7800.

      Kind regards,

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