Large Format Tiles

At TFO, we offer you the latest trends in large format tiles, all at outlet prices. Sizes are moving upwards from the norm of 600x600mm. They are expanding into large tile formats of 750×750, 800×800, 900×900 and the super large formats of 200×1200, 600×1200 and 750x1500mm. With the latest innovations being panels of up to 1620x3200mm, which means no matter what project you’re working on, you can always rely on Sydney’s largest tile store to have the perfect large format tiles for you.

These large format tiles and panels are simply stunning! They give you a flowing, seamless open look with fewer grout joints. This makes for easy maintenance and cleaning. Therefore, people are embracing big tiles. Out of all the different options in large format tiles, the 600x1200mm format has become the standout choice for consumers. Check out Sydney’s widest range of large format tiles and panels today. Our styles and prices will delight you.

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